Realistic groomed and rigged 3D model of Somali Ostrich (Struthio Molybdophanes) ready to render. 

System requirements : Maya 2018+, Yeti 3.5.x +, MTOA 3.3.x + 


What inside:

  • All HI-res texture pack for groom and shading in TIF/EXR format including vector displacement

  • Energy conserved shading ready for rendering in any type of light rigs

  • Melanin centric shading model of feathers

  • Separate scenes for the rig, feathers parts for references, for simulation and rendering

  • Help documentation for easily installation explanation

  • Working from the box - you don't need any custom additional shaders

  • One week of support

There are several options:

  • Full Pack - Ready to work photorealistic model of Somali Ostrich;

  • Body Mesh with/without RIG and with/without shaders - Contained only poly body with all Arnold shading network and detailed textures including vector displacement map. And the separate scene with animation rig;

  • Feathers Set - All Curve based Feathers set which used in the plumage of Somali Ostrich. Additionally include poly planes of the primary wings and tail feathers.


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