Realistic 3D model of Shortfin mako shark (Isurus Oxyrinchus) ready for rigging and render. 

System requirements : Maya 2018+, Houdini 17.5, MTOA 3.0+, HtoA 4.0+, Redshift 2.6+

What inside:

  • Static mesh with clean topology and UV, ready for rigging and animation.
    Files in (*.ma, *.hip, *.abc, *.obj, *.exr, *.tx) formats;

  • 11 UDIM, 4k textures pack in *.exr format, including extra textures and vector displacement;

  • Energy conserved shading for Arnold and Redshift, in Adsk Maya and SideFX Houdini;

  • For ACEScg ready (ACES from Maya Color Management), Houdini requires preinstall OCIO.

How to use:

  • Create project variable MAKO to this project root, in Maya.env and Houdini.env. Maya example: MAKO = C:/My_proj/mako Houdini example: MAKO = C:/My_proj/mako

  • geo - folder with mesh

  • lookdev - folder with shading asset

  • tex - textures folder



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