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Who we are?

We are a small team of young and creative one-thinkers,  united by a common desire. Each team member is a professional in his field with more than 10 years of experience, winners of competitions and award winners. We love miracles of nature, and we can implement them in CG with different computer technologies. Thanks to the diverse career experience of each member of our team, we can easily adapt to your pipeline and any technical task.

For us there are no impossible things, there are tasks for which we need to spend more time.

We are mobile and flexible. We can create the whole project on a turn-key basis, but only part of it can be completed, both at your place and at our location.

What are we do?

Our skills allow us to successfully recreate photorealistic birds, animals, creatures of any complexity and degree of realism. With the study of the smallest details and taking into account the anatomical features of the character.

If you need a stylized character for your feature or serial animation film, advertising, promotional project or just a mascot, we have extensive experience in creating such characters and we will do it with special awe and passion for your character.

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